How Speed Influences Your Digital Creation

Slow down
Do you need to slow down?

Creating something incredible is not something to be rushed.

The problem is, in the digital world, everything moves so fast. The stream is constant, as are the ideas. When you publish a new blog post, your previous one is pushed down and some of your best content can soon be forgotten.

There is certainly a need to keep moving forward. Fast.

When it comes to creating, it is a process that can’t be rushed. Although the digital world makes it feel that you should get things out there fast much of the time.

So what is the creator, artist or change maker to do?

Slow down.

It is OK to take your time, and in a world where new stuff arrives by the truck load every second, if you take the time to produce your best work every time then it is going to have more longevity.

There is a question though, and that is:

“Is it OK to publish fast sometimes?”

I would say that, especially in the digital world, it is often a neccessity. Let’s explore that in some detail.

The problem that many creators face is the curse of perfection. For many this can mean that their best and most creative ideas either come out too late and miss the boat, or are never released to the world at all.

The key then, like so much of life, is to find a balance in everything that you create. And where warranted, set yourself deadlines.

What is worse for the creator in the digital world? Never publishing due to over perfectionism or publishing too fast?


Mantras you need to learn:

  • Nothing will ever be perfect.
  • Sometimes it pays to publish and then refine.

An interesting thing about the world of digital creativity is that revisions are incredibly easy. A writer using a pen and paper or a manual typewriter has to start a page again if they want to change something. A digital publisher can just ‘undo’ or ‘edit’ an infinite amount of times if they require.

As with so many start-up companies, an iterative process and even major pivots in another direction can be common place in the digital world.

Sometimes, or even often times, the digital creator has to be brave and publish. The problem then comes in whether to revise and update or to move on to the next thing.

Let’s just pause for a minute.

The world of digital creating is not all problems.

Perfectionism and knowing when to publish are simply parts of the art that the digital creator will become increasingly skilled at. They are facets of the digital creation process to be embraced.

You need to learn to recognise when either one is starting to effect your output, but you must enjoy them as part of your digital creative self.

Bringing it back round to the original point of this article; speed must be controlled in the digital creation process.

Sometimes it pays to be slow.

Sometimes it pays to get things out there quicker.

Mostly it is worth being consistent.

The main thing that you must do as a digital creator is keep going. Evolve your art, hone your craft and make sure that your work gets out there.

Vary the speed so that it doesn’t become mundane and predicatable, but control it so you can produce quality work.

Sometimes your quality will come from the time you have taken to make something as ready as possible to release to the world.

Sometimes it will come from publishing and then learning from the feedback you recieve and improving.

Control your speed, but keep moving forward and get your work out there.

Thank you for reading this week’s article exploring digital creativity. I hope that whatever your are creating in the digital world, it is taking good shape.

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2 thoughts on “How Speed Influences Your Digital Creation”

  1. CJ,

    I think the problem you touch on here is one all of us have had to wrestle with. The constant influx of new information often makes it hard to stop and actually process that info so that we can get to a point of creating something ourselves. I find that it helps to unplug from the information flow when I need to write a new post, otherwise I will just keep analyzing the idea.I’m still struggling to do this on a consistent basis, though.

    You are right when you say that the key is to keep moving forward and get your work out there. It doesn’t really matter what speed you are going as long as you are actively fighting your way through the dip. Once you get to the other side, you will have your own speed and flow (I hope).

    Thanks again for the insightful post.

  2. @bsaemann Thanks! It’s also useful to know that other people are in the same situation.

    I do unplug, but I have to constantly remind myself to do so. I love distraction free writing environments to do that. I wrote this post in one of the iPad.

    I’m also finding consistency is part of the key and I will certainly be posting more on that in the future.

    Thanks as always for taking the time to comment.

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