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My Morning Routine

Having a morning routine is an important way to establish a bit of discipline and rigour in to your daily life, especially if, like me, you struggle to focus or get things done (an ENTP trait). My routine has, does, and will change constantly over time, but I am happy with it’s current incarnation so […]

Initial Thoughts on Time Tracking

I thought that it was about time to start tracking time as I seem to waste so much of it. The results have been very interesting. There are lots of apps out there to help you track time. I tried a couple but quickly decided on Toggl which has a free version. From my brief […]

Untold Story

Love this quote. There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” ~ Maya Angelou

How To Learn

The best way to learn is to bite the bullet and experience something first hand. The second best way to learn is to listen to and seek out people who have first hand experience of what you want to do. The worst way (probably) to learn is to listen to people who speculate on what […]

What the Sale of Instagram Teaches Us About Creativity

Instagram was sold to Facebook for a cool $1 billion dollars (insert mental image of Dr. Evil here). Wow. This musing is not about the value of Instagram, or the why Facebook may have bought it. It’s quite simply about what we as creatives can learn from it. In two years, or thereabouts, Instagram went […]

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