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Quitting A PhD To Build Online Businesses

I love stories of people breaking away from an undesirable career to choose themselves and create their own businesses. I myself used to devour such stories and they played a huge part in giving me the push to go self employed. What follows then is John Accardi’s story of how he built two profitable businesses […]

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Have you ever stopped to consider how many obligations you have in your life? An obligation is anything that requires you to do something, give up some of your time, mental energy or some other resource. You may immediately think that, yes you do have obligations to people. Your spouse, boss, parents and friends. That […]

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Triggering Focus

I’m busy in my consulting business at the moment. As I am the only person working this business I need to wear various hats at different times to keep it ticking over. This is my greatest challenge in my business since going self employed.Treating it as a business, rather than a freelance position, is critical […]

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Influencing tomorrow. Practice today.

In business we have daily practice (service) as well as working towards goals (sales and product). I’m considering how I can balance this business need with a personal mindfulness practice. Last week I wrote about a binary approach to measuring life. The advantage of this system is that it starts fresh each day. Yes, yesterday […]

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Celebrate The Small Wins

When you are trying to create something, rather than having one thing to do you will have hundreds if not thousands of small things. One could argue that in writing this letter I am not doing a single task, but each key pressed on the keyboard is a micro task completed. Each word I decide […]

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