Lifestyle Project | Friday Fun & Roundup | 22/08/2008

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Image by Ben Harris-Roxas on Flickr via Creative Commons
Image by Ben Harris-Roxas on Flickr via Creative Commons

I want to do a weekly round-up on here for several reasons:

1. In the spirit of GTD it may encourage me to do my weekly review

2. I usually work at home on Fridays

3. I do a lot (probably too much) reading of great Blogs, Internet research etc and it may be useful to some people to share my findings.

4. Deep down we all like some procrastination and fun on a Friday 😉


This video give some food for thought (and the animation is by the South Park guys which can’t be bad).


My favourite blog posts this week:


I’m finishing up Slash’s biography this week which is an eye opening account of a Rock Superstar. I also purchased a copy of Problogger the book, so looking forward to learning lots from that.


I went to see Louis XIV this week. They are a great band I highly recommend you check out their stuff.

Random Stuff

Read Magazines Online for Free* here

* the legality of this site (for the owners not users) is questionable…

My Blog Review•

Well I’m getting more readers slowly but surely. Twitter has been an excellent way of getting traffic to my posts. Just looking for more subscribers and commenter’s now! I think that 2-4 posts a week (including the Friday round-up) will be a good frequency.

My posts this week:

So that’s the first Friday Fun & Round up.

Have a great weekend!


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