Introducing The Create & Conquer Manifesto

Create & Conquer Manifesto
The Create & Conquer Manifesto

I would like to introduce you to the Create & Conquer Manifesto for Digital World Changers.

It shows the way forward for what I am building here, and I hope it provides you with inspiration to build something incredible.

I decided to write the manifesto a while ago. I wanted it to be simple and the words to be powerful. I also wanted to make it as worthy and easy to share as possible.

This weekend, I heard Seth Godin on the Copyblogger podcast say:

“A manifesto is a book as short as you can make it that people can’t help but share”

I would go a step further and say that it is words, rather than simply a book, that inspires people to make a difference and spread the message in any form.

My aim with the Create & Conquer Manifesto is to, over time, publish it in many forms. I want to get as many eye-balls on this as possible. I also want the Create & Conquer community (that’s you) to create new and exciting ways to present and share the manifesto.

I guess by this point you are wondering what the manifesto is? It’s a short one, purposefully, but it is powerful and inspirational:

Focus on creating.
Build something incredible.
Create amazing value in everything you do.
Create awesome connections.
Be cool.
Apply what you learn.
Be thankful every day.
Help others first.
Live your dreams.
Don’t follow, lead.
Challenge everything.
See the world.
Share the love.
Create your legacy.
Change the world.
Create & Conquer.

I’m sure you’ve heard these words in many forms before. And I’m certainly not claiming to be the next big thing with this statement. What I want you to understand is that you can build something incredible. You can change the world – be it your world, the world of just ten fans, or something bigger.

Drafting the Manifesto
Drafting the Manifesto

I was contemplating whether or not to publish yet. I was constantly reviewing the words, wondering if I had missed anything out, and thinking about how people would react.

That is exactly why I had to publish the manifesto today. To get it out in to the world. To get honest feedback from you.

Nothing is ever perfect and the beauty of the digital world is that you can make changes, update, adapt and version control everything you do. Accordingly, this manifesto will no doubt subtly change over time.

The central message is still the same. I want you to build something incredible. You do this by creating amazing value in everything you do and creating awesome connections with people.

At this point I want you to do two things:

Thing #1
Share this manifesto with as many people as you see fit. Head over to the manifesto page for ways to share. Please get this out to as many of your connections as possible, and introduce it to new connections as you make them.

Click here to Tweet about it right now!

Thing #2
Leave a comment. Tell me exactly what you think. Don’t hold back. I need to know.

Thank you for being part of the Create & Conquer community, and thank you for sharing and being part of what the manifesto stands for.

Go forth, create and conquer!

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13 thoughts on “Introducing The Create & Conquer Manifesto”

  1. Awesome manifesto Chris! And I love this amazing intent you have creating amazing value in everything and amazing connections everywhere.

    I’m actually working on creating a manifesto for work @BeLegendary – Great inspiration Chris!

  2. Wow – loved this. Especially today. I especially like that you bravely let it out into the world even though you weren’t quite sure it was perfect. Good lesson.

    Thank you!


  3. @DigitalWheelie Thanks! And I totally agree with not waiting for others to do it.

    I LOVE your manifesto – the hand written touch is nice. It’s more of a personal manifesto (which is cool), whereas mine is for the tribe.

    What do you use for your morning pages? Have you seen

  4. @barbac7 Thanks! Creating amazing value and awesome connections is what create and conquer is all about.

    Please let me know when your manifesto is ready!

  5. @OMGski Thanks! Why is it especially good for you today? I’d love to know.

    You’ve correctly identified the sub-lesson in the post – sometimes I (we all) hold back, when we just need to get our stuff out there. You could have the most amazing creation but it isn’t really worth it until it is released to the world.

  6. @yoneco Thanks. You’re right that would make a cool strap line. Similar to the “Explore. Dream. Discover.” quote from Mark Twain that I love so much.

    You should do a manifesto for your company!

  7. @yoneco Thanks. You’re right that would make a cool strap line. Similar to the “Explore. Dream. Discover.” quote from Mark Twain that I love so much.

    You should do a manifesto for your company!

  8. Thanks @cjstott! And, yeah, mine’s for me, but inspired by ones like yours. :)

    As for my morning pages, I do them longhand: pen & paper. I like the feeling, the freedom to scribble etc. Feels like I’m being extra honest. heh

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