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Digital Art
Creating in the digital world.

Pre-note: This was originally drafted as a letter, but I wanted to share it with a wider audience for more feedback. Please let me know your thoughts in the comments.

I’ve recently been enjoying the fantastic In Treehouses publication. I highly recommend it if you are interested in building a lifestyle business in the digital world.

Although it requires consuming something; the idea of digital publishing is worth exploring and especially it’s relation to art.

When it comes to creating art, most of it will touch on the digital world in some way these days.

Writing can be captured digitally. Sound can be recorded digitally. Movies and photos are taken with digital cameras. Even free-hand art can be captured digitally with a tablet.

There is no escaping the fact that digital art and creation is the way forward for many people with creative aspirations.

Personally, I very much enjoy digital art as it combines my driving interests of creating incredible things and digital technology. The video below, by way of an interlude, also melds these with a passion for travel.

But what is art? In my opinion it can be anything that creates something new. This can be a painting, but equally it can be the ability to build a remarkable brand or business. The intermingling of the digital world can be used to help create, capture or communicate the product of this artistic endeavour. When it comes to creating, there are very few elements that don’t have a digital touch point now.

The digital platform not only paves the way for rapid creation, but also for mass distribution. Art can be created pretty much instantly and shared across the world.

The potential for this is huge. While we have major corporations complaining that digital technology and piracy is reducing their profits, the humble solo creator has the largest potential platform ever to share their work and ideas.

This is an amazing opportunity that must be seized.

You also mustn’t think that digital art only as it’s analog form; such as writing packed in a digital way. Money is inevitably part of the equation and there is a business element that ever artist must embrace to make a living. The artist that harnesses the digital creation and distribution channels and leads, has a massive advantage when it comes to getting eyeballs on their work.

The advantages the digital world brings for art, also brings new downsides. For example, the short life span of anything in the digital world. Therefore the art must not only constantly evolve to take in to account new communication and creation methods, but also provide value that gives it staying power.

If you truly believe and put the required energy in to what you are creating this will not be a problem. You will be able to create something of value and meaning to sustain yourself. Learn the most effective ways to bring the digital advantages to your work and your future is very bright.

The artist does need to have a business head. The digital assets of tools and methods can make the difference when it comes to bringing home the cash.

Do not try and limit you art. It really can be anything that you want. You just need to get it out to the world. The digital revolution, which is constantly changing, is your way to do this.

Here’s some motivation:

Please share your insights or questions regarding digital art and creation in the comments below.

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