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This is the second article in my series about finding your creative zone.

You can read Part 1: How to Find Your Creative Environment here.

This is Part 2: it covers finding your creative triggers.

The final part of the series comes next week, and looks at the impact of biorhythms on you creativity.


Part Two: How To Find and Use Your Creative Triggers

To some people, creativity comes naturally. To others it is a struggle to get in to the creative mindset.

If you find yourself in the latter camp; or if you are procrastinating your latest project then maybe you need to find your creative triggers.

The creative triggers concept is quite an obvious one when you think about it. You need to find things that trigger the creative fire within you so that you can build something incredible.

The main thing that you need to do is identify what your creative triggers actually are.

It could be a certain piece of music, an activity, a drink, blog or smell.

It might not be consistent, or it might always be the same.

Once you find your creative triggers, you can call on them at any moment you need to produce something.

Finding Your Creative Triggers

Think about the last time you were ‘in the zone’. A time when you created something with ease that you were truly proud off. Can you remember what triggered this?

Maybe not. You want to consciously think about it when you next feel that your creative side is producing well.

Take a moment to think about the environment you are in. What were you doing before the creativity hit? What things sparked of the idea or the ability to finish what you had started?

Ways To Trigger Your Creativity:

  • I strongly believe that having a creative environment is very important. I wrote a guide to this here.
  • I also think that you need to be conscious of what triggers your creativity.
  • Be prepared for things to come out of left field. I get a lot of great ideas just before bed, when I’m driving or when I’m out on a walk. I’m starting to carry a notepad with me at all times for this reason.
  • Do something different.
  • Take a different route.
  • Ask yourself a question.
  • Get inspiration from someone.

Direct and Indirect Creative Triggers

I classify direct creative triggers as something that you can call on when you need them to be creative. This is something that you can consciously use to trigger your creative juices. This might be a certain brand of coffee or a piece of music.

Indirect creative triggers might be something out of your control. It could be a piece of street art that you see when you are driving through a new town or it could be a bird you see on a walk.

Direct creative triggers can be used consciously to spark your creativity, but for indirect creative triggers, it is a matter of putting yourself in the kind of situations where you can be influenced by things.

When you are able to identify your creative triggers, you can light the creative fire at any time. This will give you a powerful way to create even more incredible things.

Action Points

I think that it is really important that you have action points to work with to apply what I give you on this blog.

  • Be aware of when you are creating well and take a moment to note what direct and indirect things could have triggered it.
  • Make rituals around direct creative triggers to get yourself used to going in to the creative mind set.
  • Put yourself in the indirect situations that trigger your creativity.

What creative triggers are you aware of? Have you ever consciously made an effort to have your creativity triggered?

Please leave a comment and let me know your thoughts on the above.

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3 thoughts on “How To Find Your Creative Triggers”

  1. I often wonder about this. I’ve yet to find the ultimate answer, but I’ve noticed some things that help me come up with the most creative, sometimes even crazy ideas: riding a train, being tired in a good way, running, listening to music/audiobooks while doing nothing, hanging out with proper people.

    One problem is that it’s difficult to actually realize the ideas in most situations. Often the best time for me is night time, in a dark room without distractions, being tired enough to NOT care about details or consequences.

  2. Hi Jouko,

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this. It’s certainly interesting to get someone else’s persepective.

    I think the “hanging out with proper people” comment is very important. Part of the Create & Conquer manifesto is to make awesome connections and I’ll have about this coming soon.

    Stay cool,


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