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Growing Your Tribe Through eMail

When I came back to blogging I discovered the fantastic site Social Triggers, authored by Derek Halphern.

I start blogging quite a while ago, and I read the usual suspects like Copyblogger & Problogger.

There is a steep learning curve with blogging, so you soon get yourself to a place where you understand 90% of what to do. The problem is many people keep looking for a silver bullet to blogging success.

I also studied SEO, affiliate marketing and more in real depth.

The reason I found Social Triggers so refereshing was because the advice is clear, simple and immediately actionable.

A big thing that Derek does is promote how useful eMail marketing and how to turn traffic on your website in to leads.

I immediately implemented his advice (as you will see my ever evolving blog design is inspired by his site – thought is about to be completely re-launched) and I am pleased to report it had a big impact on my subscriber numbers.

Here are the stats about the eMail forms that get the most sign-ups on my site, and the ones that are starred were directly postitioned as such due to Derek’s advice.

Percentage of eMail sign-ups each form generates:

  • Top Of Sidebar 37%
  • Feature Box 21%
  • End Of Post 16%
  • Manifesto Page 9%
  • Footer 7%
  • Comment Thanks 5% *
  • Resource Page: Creativity 101 2.5%
  • About Page: 2.5%

* This wasn’t one of Derek’s tips, I got the great idea for capturing sign-up from new commenters from Two Hour Blogger.

What I can derive from the results are as follows:
The top of the sidebar is by far the best place for my audience. I do wonder how this percentage would increase if I remove the feature box.

I have a bit of a love hate relationship with the feature box. I certainly prefer it to a pop-up, but to make it more effective I need to split test the content. I am toying with the idea of adding a 30 second video to the feature box as I think that video is working more and more effectively online.

Capturing eMail addresses at the end of the post is a no-brainer, and something that I wasn’t doing before. Rather than have the share buttons here, you want to grow your list. You subscribers will share for you anyway, and new readers if they get to the end of your post (consider how short people’s attention span is online) will be more eager to signup. Same goes with people who both to leave a comment.

Resource pages (specific pages set up around a content topic): I’m particularly pleased with the manifesto page and expected this to generate email sign ups. I think that certainly I wouldn’t have thought to put the sign-up on there before. In general though these pages don’t seem to be converting too well and obviously need some work.

Why You Want eMail Subscribers

This site is all about creating value and connections. I think that eMail is the best way to do that.

Social media seems fleeting to me, and while I might eat my words in the long run, I prefer it as a way to have deeper conversations with my readers. You can email me any time, I always reply.

By giving you their eMail address people are giving you permission to contact them, something that you must respect at the highest level.

Many people think that these are ‘sneaky Internet Marketing tactics’. I don’t think so. I want to build my tribe and I find the best way to do that is by having people engage with me through eMail.

Now you have seen my results, will you implement these sign-up form positions on your website?

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