Understand How Your Biorhythms Impact Your Creativity

How does your body influence your creativity?

This is the final part in my series about finding your creative zone. You can read part one here and part two here.

A concept you may be familiar with is understanding your bodies biorhythms and how that can affect your ability to create.

For example; are you a morning or evening person? Do you produce best just before or just after lunch?

Chances are you will have a time when it is best for you to do your creative work, and it will be different from any other person you know.

A Biorhythm is an attempt to predict various aspects of a person’s life through simple mathematical cycles.

While the science behind the concept of biorhythms, like any science and conventional wisdom, is open for debate; you need to experiment to see what works for you.

Think about yourself for a moment. Think about your day. How are you feeling? When do you feel the most awake, creative and alive? For me it’s not the first hour of the day. Even though this is when I do my morning pages.

I begin to wake after I have had some Yerba Maté. Many require coffee.

Although I am not a morning person I find that I am more creative at this time. I am writing this now in the morning, though I have been out of bed for over 90 minutes.

As I progress throughout the day, I will slip in to some sort of procrastination mode.

I will probably by the end of the day, start to feel guilty that I could have produced more, and therefore start to work on creating something new.

You need to understand your own body clock.

When to let your creativity will flow from within you and when it’s just time to relax. You can’t be creating all of the time, and you need to give your mind space to process your thoughts and create room for free ideas and creative actions.

Action Points

Start to consciously notice when you do you best creative work. Write it down in a notebook – what time?, what you had eaten recently?, when did you last exercise?, how much sleep you got the night before? How does that change as your location changes?

Anything that could have an effect on your physical well-being can impact your ability to create.


Set aside  different times of the day to see when you work the best. Try doing your creative work first thing in the morning, and then last thing at night the following day.

Continue to refine and test.

Just like finding your creative environment, and creative triggers, you need to learn when you body and mind is in it’s best state to create.

How does your biorhythm influence your creativity? Please let me know in the comments.

I hope you have enjoyed this series exploring how to find your creative zone. For anyone, creating anything, there is a need to put yourself in the create mindset as often as necessary. While removing distractions will go a long way towards making this happen, when you are able to put yourself in a creative environment, trigger your creativity and work when your body and mind is at it’s most creative, you will be able to produce some truly remarkable work.

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4 thoughts on “Understand How Your Biorhythms Impact Your Creativity”

  1. I started paying attention to my biorhythms when I started working for myself a few months ago. In my previous corporate life, I had to conform to the corporate work schedule, working from 8AM – 7PM. I always sensed that the afternoon, right after lunch, was the hardest time for me to work productively or creatively. Now that I can set my own schedule, I work when I first wake up and then take a break in the afternoon to work out, change locations, walk the dog or switch activities. When I come back to my work, I’m more focused.

    I’m usually most creative early in the morning or late at night…I tell people I’m a morning and a night person, just not an afternoon person.

  2. @Lindsay Thanks for stopping by and commenting! You bring up two excellent points. Firstly, people are expected to conform to a 9-5 (or longer!) schedule. It does not mean that this is when we do our best work. This is why I firmly believe we should be judged by actions not time. Secondly, your biorhythms can indeed have peaks and troughs throughout the day. I find that some kind of routine helps and I’ll be writing more on that in the future. Thanks again.

  3. Chris,

    As a dad with two kids, I find the routine of the school year a steady force which helps me find my rythm. Summer break and travel to the states has done a number on any sort of rythm and routine. Today they went back to school though. Today I woke at 5:30 am for some reading, journaling and a shower before a few hours of work. I love the early mornings and will slowly (hopefully) work toward a 4:30 am start to the day. That is what works well for me as a dad.


  4. Hi Aaron,

    Thanks for the comment.

    I know that your kids are your main priority and it is great that you have identified that and are able to do your work around that. Anyone who can get up that early I admire!

    If you can get something creative done before the rest of the world wakes up that is great, you have a head start everyday.

    And the stuff you are creating is awesome too!



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