How To Take A Sabbatical And Explore The World

After getting married in September 2009, my wife and I took a year to travel the world. It was an amazing time and though it cost us a year off work and a lot of money, I do not regret it for a minute. What I would regret however would be if we had not done it.

Too often I hear people say that they would have loved to do what we did, but they don’t have the time, money or have too many commitments to do it. Sure there are a lot of people who have commitments like kids, and sure it does cost a lot of money. The bottom line is that the exprience that you will have is worth so much more that the money you will spend. Plenty of people do it with children every year, and don’t get me started on why it doesn’t matter for your career.
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Find One Thing

Following up on my finding your passion vs interests post, I wanted to pursue another idea.

Follow and find one thing that you can make amazing.

Being a generalist is fun but hard. While many people would see having lots of interests as a good trait, it can limit you. Unless you can find one thing to focus on that you truly believe in and are able to devote most of your energy too, then how are you supposed to be successful? Think about experts you look up to, or people that you admire. Usually you find that these people focus on one thing and they do it really well.
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Why Finding Your Passion Might Not Be The Right Route To Riches

Are you still struggling to find your passion? Have you considered that what you love to do might be different to something you enjoy spending your time doing that can make you money? Could it be that a disconnect between passion and business is healthy after all? Challenge convention. Read on.


There is a meme in the personal development, lifestyle design, make money online blogging world that discusses finding your passion so that you can make money from it. But what if you don’t need to ‘find your passion’ to find something you can make a living out of that you enjoy doing? Sure enough, people really struggle with finding their passions citing a lack of focus, interests or completely the opposite – too many to choose from. Often the advice is that you are not moving forward because of fear.
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